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Bright Year, Bright You!


…This is the motto of the 2nd European Games that will be held in Minsk. Apart from Belarus the Netherlands, the UK, Poland, Russia and Turkey applied to host the games. Let’s describe this forthcoming important event in numbers.  

The 2nd European Games, one of the most important European sporting events, will be held in Minsk on June 21–30, 2019. During the 45th meeting of the EOС General Assembly, held in Minsk in October, 2016, Belarus was selected as the host country for the 2nd European Games. The majority of sporting competitions will offer qualification opportunities for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

4000 sportsmen
from 50 countries will be competing in 15 sports. They are: badminton, basketball 3x3, boxing, wrestling (Greco-Roman, free-style wrestling, female wrestling), cycling (bicycle track and high-way), gymnastics (Olympic gymnastics, eurythmics, acrobatics, aerobics and rebound-tumbling), canoe sprint, judo, karate, athletics, sambo, archery, shooting (rifle and pistol shooting, trapshooting), table tennis, beach football.

In the English version of the motto of the 2nd European Games’ the word “bright” is used two times. It goes like: Bright Year, Bright You. The first two letters are the abbreviation BY that stands for Belarus. The Russian and the Belarusian variants of the motto are translated word by word as follows: “the Time for Bright Victories”. The Flower of Fern is the logo of the 2nd European Games (the competition will be held on the eve of Kupala Night). The mascot hasn’t been announced yet, but the organizers have decided that it would be much more interesting to have it. That’s why an open contest has been announced and the winning idea will be used as the basis for creating the mascot of the Games.

June 12–28, 2015

The 1st European Games took place in Baku, Azerbaijan on June 12–28, 2015. Our sportsmen won 43 medals: 10 gold, 11 silver and 22 bronze. Our men have 21 awards and women 22. Our gymnast Staniouta Melitina got the biggest number of medals: one silver and three bronze. Our national team was the 7th in the medals table. The first place was given to Russia (164 medals), the second Azerbaijan (56), the third The UK (47).

June 21, 2018
Dinamo Stadium will be opened on the June 21, 2018. This is the place, where the opening ceremony of the 2nd European Games will be held. The competition in athletics and the closing ceremony will also take place at Dinamo Stadium. "Dinamo" was officially opened on June 12, 1934. The stadium was one of the venues of 7 football tournaments in July 1980. There will be about 20 000 seats on the new stadium. Meeting hall and changing rooms for sportsmen, arbitrators and coaches will be also renovated.

During the 2nd European Games, 12 sports venues will be used. These are: Dinamo Stadium, Minsk-Arena (and its bicycle track), Čyžoŭka-Arena, Palova-Arena, Minsk Sports Palace, Zaslawye Regatta Course, Tennis Olympic Center, Shooting Centre, Uručča Sports Palace, Olympic Sports Complex, Sporting Club and Falcon Club.

Prospekt Pobediteley (Victors’ Avenue) is about 9km in length. The majority of the important sports venues are situated there. Those are, for example, Minsk Sports Palace, Football Manege, House of Football, The National Olympic Committee, Belarusian State University of Physical Culture, Minsk-Arena and some others. Here a huge specialized complex, The Eurhythmics Center, is also being built. The construction will have been done by summer 2018.

643 434

The World Hockey Championship held in Minsk in 2014 was visited by 643 434 people. The 78-th championship was held at Minsk Arena and Čyžoŭka-Arena on May 9–25, 2014. Russia was the winner of the competition. The Russian national team won all of its games. In the final match, Russia outgamed Finland 5:2. This was the first time, when our national team went to play-off. But it was beaten by the Swedish national team in quarter-final 3:2.


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