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Stars say: Mission is possible


New Year has come in all calendars already, spring inspires — time for dreaming and planning. Astrologist and head of Self Agency Elena Klavina says that coming months are going to be chaotic, so the main challenge will be fixing it if you don’t want to lose yourself. The best things you can do — trim the sails to the wind, follow rules of self-discipline and responsibility.

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Firstly some information about how astrologists make their forecasts. Where they get this information? Not from a crystal ball or a watching starry sky. There are transits of planets through 12 houses which influence the change. Combination of characteristics of planet and house form base of forecast. The main planet, which is responsible for changes is Saturn. Now it is in 8th sign. The house is up to individual astrological map — everyone has it’s unique combs. By this way we can take a look to the future. Let’s see what we have for this year.  

Chaos, changes, intuition

Past 2,5 years tested all kinds of relationship for strength — love, work, friendship, etc. If there was illusion, it passed and now you can see the real situation. Now it’s time to test your responsibility and discipline. Saturn — karmic planet, that’s why you get chances to undo karmic knots, tackle important challenges. This is a period of purification and liberation: you can’t keep inside unspoken words, unmanifested emotions, unrealized aspirations. As a result — possibility and even necessity to be yourself.  

This year gives good opportunities for the people who are ready for changes. For sure, not all steps can be successful but you should not be afraid. You have to go ahead and pass through the mist. Choose the right direction in according to different periods.

May 19 — June 12, September 17 — October 9

During this period it is not recommended to buy new things. Better do not sign contracts, change job, start new business, make wedding, appoint important meetings. Relationship with people whom you meet in this period would not last long. But it’s a great time to look for things — you will find, recover broken connection with relatives, colleagues and friends, to fix things at work and in mind. Furthermore it’s beneficial to think about recurring situations and draw conclusions.

July 25 — September 6

It’s not appropriate time for engagement or wedding. Don’t expect continous relationship with person you meet at this period. Exes may want to come back and start again but you should take it as an unfinished lesson — just finish it and don’t return to the past. March 20, September 13 — solar eclipses

April 4, September 28 — lunar eclipses

On the day of eclipse and during one week before and after astrologists recommend not to start new things, make deals, get married, make surgical operations. Better devote time to spiritual practices and self-improvement.

Rules of 2015 year

Each minute makes its own rules.

You should keep up with time and wait for the cat to jump. For intuitive people it’s not difficult but other will learn how to be flexible and ready to change plans at any moment. Imagine that you are a captain of a ship who know how to handle with elements and get benefits from it: at the right time catch a tailwind, remove sails or rest in a bay. 

Don’t be afraid to make mistakes.

Through hardships to the stars may be your motto. Just live with it and perceive failure anew — be thankful for criticism, love your mistakes and think about your wishes. It keeps on the way to perfection and help to grow. 

You get what you believe in. 

If it’s hard for you to believe in a brighter future, that’s the best time to revise values of life and way of thinking. As we mentioned already, 2015 is a year of fulfillment of desires: if you think you are unhappy and unlucky person — you exactly will be. That’s why astrology practices positive thinking when you strongly believe that you are happy now and always be.

Everything comes in time.

Don’t look to the sides and compare with another people: anybody got married already, established business or traveled around the world. You have your own time and you can independently speed up or slow down time of live. 2015 year is going to teach how to organize life by yourself and don’t wait for somebody do it for you. Meet your fortune going towards it. 

Lessons of self-discipline.

Those are free who are tightly bound — this rule is especially important now. But the only person who bind you is yourself: don’t lie, don’t eat much, do sports, care about family and so on. Everyone has their own weaknesses, and exactly they need to train — this is the way to freedom. If you don’t do it willingly, circumstances will push you to do it. 

Nothing extra. 

Saturn doesn’t like anything “too much”. So you need to get rid of old stuff, finish sluggish contacts, don’t buy things you will not use and don’t squander money.

So this year invite you to exciting adventure that can be called "on the waves of intuition". There is nothing scarier than to let go out of the mind and turn off the logic to make your heart navigator. It’s hard but those who are brave to do it will be richly rewarded by Saturn. 

Text: Natallia Halavach

Date: 11/03/2015


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